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Breakout Session #3

Saturday, August 29, 2020

2:00PM - 3:00PM EST

Live Q&A will begin promptly at 2:30PM


Tray Burch


Uncovering the secret talents in young people in ministry

Area 51, founded in 1950, was a secret testing site for the US government. In the 1980's an Area 51 engineer released classified information to the public and confirmed Area 51's existence. Likewise in children and youth ministry, we are uncovering the secret talents of our young people. This class is designed to focus on gifts students possess that have not yet been revealed.

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Sasha LaBonte


Discovering ways to remain fresh and relevant in your ministry

Up until 13 years ago, Pluto was considered by Astrologist to be the 9th and smallest planet in our solar system. However, in 2006 a new planetary standard found that Pluto did not meet the criteria to keep its 'planet' classification. The one criteria that hindered Pluto is the amount of debris that surrounds it. This class is designed to find ways in keeping your ministry fresh and relevant.

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